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“Excellent course”

“Very useful to overseas trainees who have not worked in the UK”

"St George's course was very helpful and it helped me more because I did not have a study partner. Your course helped me practice and as I performed well in the course circuits, it helped boost my confidence for the exam"



Helpful, friendly learning environment and OSCE circuit very good”

"I attended other courses including Whipps and RCOG. The course at St George's was the most practical and useful as it exposed me to 28 different stations"

"Thank you so much for the guidance, knowledge and constructive feedback. I am grateful and commend you on the good work"

“Thank you for your patience and thorough commentary at course. It was helpful in the aid of passing this unseemingly daunting hurdle in our career”

"Plenty of case discussions on various topics
- OSCE circuit like exam with personal feedback"

"I have passed the Part 3 exam and its all because of your fabulous teaching methods and training at the course. No words to express how much I am indebted to you"



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