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Our intensive 2 day course is designed to offer you practical sessions, hot seats, plenty of hints and tips, and examination style practice circuits to prepare you for the examination.

Real Situations

The circuits consist of stations resembling real exam situations but with a personal feedback. There are sessions dedicated to the techniques for dealing with difficult patients, breaking bad news, effective communication and counselling.

Exam Preparation

Our course is designed to prepare you for testing in five core areas of the examination including -

  • Patient safety
  • Communicating with patients and families
  • Communicating with colleagues
  • Information gathering
  • Applied clinical knowledge

The MRCOG examination format has changed.
St. George’s MRCOG course is an intensive 2 day course.
Brief lectures with illustrative examples on audit, risk management, critical appraisal of documents and teaching.
Hot seats for difficult topical issues, watching how others perform, and practising to perform under pressure on handling difficult / distressed patients / relatives, breaking bad news and counselling.


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Next course: 2023

Why Choose Us?

A comprehensive and intensive course that closely follows the exam syllabus and pattern.

Interactive teaching with individual feedback, we understand the needs of both local and overseas candidates.

We provide you with hints and tips to perform better in the examination.


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